Lift Tickets 2017


Dear Portillo Guest,

We want to let you know about snow conditions here in Portillo. Our situation is not at all what we would like to have for you when you arrive in Portillo. Of course things can change rather quickly here in the Andes Mountains.

I would like you to take some time to look at snow conditions on our web page and decide for yourselves if you think you will enjoy your visit to Portillo given the existing situation.

As of today we have 85% of the ski area open.  The people are skiing and enjoying it.

The snow cover is thin, we are hitting bare ground in some places. We expect the next weeks to be pretty similar to this week. We are doing everything possible to keep our groomed runs safe and well maintained given the thin cover. The off piste skiing is challenging but good. The Helicopter skiing is also good.

We understand that you may not want to take a chance on being disappointed and we will cooperate with you to make other arrangements.  If you decide to change your reservation please let us know by contacting our reservations Department.

Thank You,

Miguel Purcell, General Manager

Ski Portillo

High Season: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, days between July 3rd and August 11th (inclusive).

Low Season: Week-days outside the high season.

Ticket High Season Low Season
1 Day Adult (18 to 64 years)$ 44.000$ 32.000
1 Day Child (5 – 11 years)$ 28.000$ 22.000
1 Day Senior (65+ years)$ 15.000$ 13.000
1 Day Child (-5 years)$ 9.500$ 7.500
1 Day Teen (12 to 17 years)$33.000$ 25.000
1 Day Student (18 to 24 years) *$34.500$ 26.000

Ticket MenuHigh SeasonLow Season
1 Day adult ticket + LUNCH$ 54.100$ 42.100
1 Day child ticket + LUNCH$ 38.100$ 32.100
1 Day teen ticket + LUNCH$ 43.100$ 35.100
1 Day senior ticket + LUNCH$ 25.100$ 23.100

Season Ticket
Adult Season Ticket$ 730.000
Child Season Ticket$ 450.000
Senior Season Ticket$ 200.000
Children until 4 years Season Ticket$ 140.000