9 Ski Portillo Photos That Will Get You Excited for Summer Skiing in Chile

| marzo 24, 2016 << Volver

Ski Portillo is a photographer’s dream! Sitting on the banks of the Inca Lake, Portillo is surrounded by an amphitheater of breathtakingly beautiful and jagged peaks. The yellow-washed walls of Hotel Portillo are reflected in the frozen and placid waters of the lake. Vibrant sunsets color the skies about Ski Portillo on most evenings. The Tres Hermanos peaks stand tall and stare directly at Portillo’s sundeck. The hot tub and pool light up during apres-ski hours with an alpenglow hue.

On the ski runs, both on-piste and off-piste, Ski Portillo’s terrain beckons professional photographers from all over the world to frame action photographs that grace the pages of magazines. The lakes waters combine with the pristine snow and rock-littered terrain to create contrasts that pop in photos. And, the higher skiers and snowboarders climb, the smaller and more compelling Hotel Portillo’s yellow walls become when captured by a keen-eyed photographer.

Everyday photogs with mobile phones in their snow jacket often snap social media photographs that look like magazine covers. Professional photographers capture some of their “favorite photos of a career” during weeklong ski trips in Portillo. And, GoPro footage has a world-class quality when skiers and snowboarder don the small cameras on their helmets during hot laps in Portillo.

Since Ski Portillo is one of the most photogenic ski resorts in the entire world we decided to curate a handful of images Ski Portillo images we love. Feel free to save these to your desktop, make them your screensaver and share via your social media channels (please give the photographers a photo credit, though).

Here are 9 Ski Portillo photos that will get you excited for a summer ski adventure in Chile…


1. Jonathan Selkowitz captured Hotel Portillo’s iconic yellow walls reflected on the surface of Laguna del Inca. (www.selkophoto.com@jonathanselkowitz on Instagram)


2. Legendary big-mountain skier and annual Ski Portillo guest Chris Davenport’s sunset photograph is one of our favorites. That sherbert color never gets old… (www.chrisdavenport.com@steepskiing on Instagram)


3. Jesse Hoffman’s photograph was featured by Skiing Magazine in 2014, and the cloudless night sky coupled with the distant Tres Hermanos is a Portillo classic. (www.jessejameshoffman.com; @jessejhoffman on Instagram)


4. We get excited every time Chris Davenport (skier) and Adam Clark (photographer) join forces to shoot photos in Ski Portillo’s surrounded terrain because we know the photo gallery that we see will be stunning. Do you agree? (www.adamclarkphoto.com; @acpictures on Instagram)


5. Mike Douglas didn’t earn the nickname of the “Godfather of Freeskiing” without good reason. Check out this picture Jesse Hoffman took of the legend during Dav’s Superstars Camp—Mike Douglas is one of the superstar coaches. Can you spot Hotel Portillo in the background?


6. This unique and refreshing vantage point requires sweat equity to access. All you have to do to snag a photo with this perspective is walk around the lake, hike up the mountain and nail the photo. Liam Doran (photographer) and Amie Engerbreston (skier) weren’t deterred by the long day and this photo made it all worth it! (www.liamdoranphotography.com; @liamjski on Instagram)


7. We are biased, but—in our opinion—Tio Bob’s is the best place in the world to have an apres-ski beer, and it looks like professional skier Marcus Caston (@marcuscaston) agrees! The blue skies, panoramic views and reveling skiers and snowboarders make Tio Bob’s a Portillo favorite. Frank Shine shot this photo after hiking the Super C; an Escudo never tasted better! (@blizzimages on Instagram)


8. Hot Tub + Pool + Sunset + Laguna del Inca = #OnlyInPortillo
Jonathan Selkowitz did the math and it all added up! (www.selkophoto.com; @jonathanselkowitz on Instagram)


9. Christian Pondella has been a world-renowned photographer for decades. He’s shot hundreds of thousands of photos during his career. This one in Ski Portillo he says “is is still one of the favorite images I have ever captured. CLICK HERE to read the backstory behind Pondella’s surreal ski photo from Ski Portillo, by The Adventure Journal. (www.christianpondella.com; @christianpondella on Instagram)

Do you have a favorite Portillo pic? Did you snap a photo in Portillo that we need to see? We’d love to see your all-time favorites from Portillo!

If you want us to see your best Portillo pictures share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and include the hashtag #OnlyInPortillo.

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