Learn to Ski in Portillo, Chile

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Ski school at Ski Portillo has an international reputation for attracting some of the best talent and most qualified teaching professionals within the ski industry, making it the perfect place to learn to ski.

Whether you’re a beginner skier who has never slid on snow before or an intermediate skier looking to work on a few techniques that will open up new runs and terrain, Portillo’s ski instructors can help you learn to ski better and give you a foundation to build on.

The best part: Ski season in Portillo coincides with summer for North American visitors, which means you can learn to ski during summer vacation in Chile and then take your new skills to the mountain next winter.

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Regardless of your age or skill level, the Portillo Ski & Snowboard School offers guests a world-renowned opportunity to learn to ski and snowboard. Here are 7 Reasons Why Portillo, Chile is a great place to take ski lessons:

1.    The perfect setting – Pick up your gear at the ski and boot valet and exit the ski-in/ski-out – to a stunning view of the Laguna del Inca and the glorious Andes Mountains.  A few steps away you reach the magic carpet and our Corallito slope with the perfect pitch for beginners.   Portillo is also the ideal place to get your feet wet on the off-piste with a supporting instructor to give you the insider tips.

2.    Fun – Kids Camp participants have a blast learning the fundamentals of the sport while making new friends from around the world.  Games and special events included in the lesson.

3.    Safe – Safety is our concern and our instructors will keep an eye on your child and his gear.  Our dedicated learning area has a magic carpet and a gentle slope that’s friendly for those learning the basics.  Want to master the off-piste, an instructor can help you safely navigate the way up and down on the more advanced stuff.

4.    Great instructors – The top instructors are chosen from around the globe, most with at least level 3 PSIA certification, come down to Portillo in their off season.  These ski professionals are dedicated to the sport and to improving you or your child’s skills out on the mountain.

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5.    Value – You get bang for your buck at Portillo – A few days learning with us will cost you less than most major ski centers in major resorts.

6.    Group lessons in July are complimentary – during the month of July when you book a ski week package – your group lessons with our stellar instructor team are included in the package.

7.    Bragging rights – not only is it cool to ski off-season but coming back and wowing your friends and family with your new skills will go a long way.

Portillo attracts some of the best ski instructors in the world who are experts at teaching confidence, technique, and tactics to make for an unforgettable experience.

Portillo is known for its ripping off-piste and challenging blacks but our stellar ski school should not be overlooked, because it beckons some of the most talented instructors from around the world to teach and guide in the North American off-season. Improving your ski or snowboard technique isn’t just for kids, skiers and snowboards of all ages can benefit from off-season lessons to get a jump on their fellow sliders for the next season.

For more information about Portillo Ski & Snowboard School, CLICK HERE.

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