Sierra Quitiquit and Laguna del Inca Grace the Cover of SNOW Magazine

| febrero 18, 2019 << Volver
Sierra Quitiquit on the cover of Snow Magazine in Ski Portillo

This past August Sierra Quitiquit made a visit to Portillo. This wasn’t her first trip and we hope it won’t be her last! But this trip was a defining one for Sierra. She spent much of the year last year working on her film Melted. Melted was shot in Morocco and is a fictional portrayal of what skiing could look like in the future if climate change continues on its current course or worsens. Climate change and its effects on skiing is a cause close to Sierra’s heart and one she takes seriously.

For a long time, Sierra felt caught between two worlds — skiing and modeling. But 2018 felt like Sierra smashed her way through being caught and taking charge. Melted is evidence of this as is her starting a non-profit with the aim of creating media to educate people on the effects of climate change. She’s also taking charge of her ski life and sponsorships including a new partnership with legendary ski brand Bogner. This past August Sierra came down to ski and shoot for Bogner at Portillo. Laguna del Inca features prominently in many shots, but it’s Sierra’s confidence and determination that really shines.

While Sierra was in Portillo, she was joined by her friend and fellow skier/model Hayden Korte-Moore who was down modeling for Rossignol outerwear. The girls took the polar plunge — lasting longer than most — and had some fun in the snow.

A full account of Sierra’s story and photo gallery can be found in SNOW Magazine. We’ve included some excerpts and media here. Enjoy!


Sierra Quitiquit needs no introduction. As a professional freeskier, she has competed globally, ripped some of the world’s toughest terrain, and garnered a cult following starring in iconic films such as Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride and Nick Waggoner’s Valhalla. As a model, she is a face of Bogner, worked with global brands Nike and Lululemon to name but a few and graced billboards from Times Square to Tokyo.

What is perhaps less known is that she is an ambassador for POW (Protect Our Winters), recently wrote and directed a short-form documentary on the future of skiing, and is in the process of launching a foundation focused on educating people about climate change, public health, and equality.

Sierra Quitiquit in Ski Portillo for Bogner and Snow Magazine


For Sierra, taking ownership of the pieces that created her whole is clearly serious business, infusing her with a laser focus to transform her own skewed image into a platform poised for engagement and empowerment, and to advocate for the things that are important to her. “I’m in a position to leverage the brands I work with, not just to smile and hold a water bottle, but to message about plastic and what it’s doing to us and this planet. I want to be a resource to connect the dots, and do something that’s bigger than me.”


Sierra Quitiquit in Ski Portillo for bogner and snow magazine


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