Chasing Winter Since 1989 with Mike Rogan and Ski Magazine

| April 18, 2018 << Back

At Portillo, we know how lucky we are to have Mike Rogan as our Mountain Manager. His endless dedication to excellence is part of the reason we are so proud of what we offer down here. From ski school to terrain ops and more, Mike makes it all happen. One of the reasons we have to thank for his endless dedication is his long-time pursuit of endless winter. From a young age, Mike knew he wanted to be one of the best ski instructors on snow and he knew to do so, he had to chase winter between both hemispheres. Ski Magazine has recently highlighted Mike’s pursuit of the famed endless winter and why he hasn’t missed summer one bit since 1989. Thanks to Kim Beekman and the Ski Mag crew for giving Mike his due. Full article here excerpts below.

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“In 1984, Michael Rogan was on track to go to West Point. He was almost done with the application, and he was in his high school library flipping through none other than SKI Magazine when he saw an ad by now-defunct Olin skis that changed his life.

‘It was for the DT SL [Demo Team Slalom] ski, which was one of the first skis built for improvement,’ Rogan said between power-tool noises during a recent phone interview from his Tahoe garage, where he was doing boot work and tuning skis. ‘The ad had Shawn Smith, Mike Porter, and Tim Petrick in it, with a caption, ‘Who are these guys?’ They were an elite group of ski instructors, and it hit me that you could make a living teaching skiing.’

Rogan is one of the best technical skiers in the world—he’s the guy you’ve seen countless times in our magazine dragging his hip on the ground in a gravity-defying carve. He’s taught Olympians (you know, minor players like Lindsey Vonn), is now the operations manager at Portillo, and coaches the ski instructors as a member of the PSIA Alpine Demo Team. And he’s so humble, he won’t tell you any of that unless you ask.”