Portillo’s History Recounted by The Telegraph

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To help celebrate our 70th anniversary, Cat Weakley from The Telegraph did a deep dive into the history of Portillo including what was here when Henry Purcell first arrived in the Andes and what has since changed. She even highlighted some of our guests over the years including Jean Claude Killy, Chris Davenport, and, yes, even Fidel Castro. Some of her “Did You Know” facts are included here, but to get a full take on the history and more facts, check out the entire story HERE.

Henry and Bob Purcell


Inside Portillo | Did you know…

  • The winter season in Portillo runs from late June to early October.
  •  The road up to the resort has 29 hairpins, called caracoles in Spanish, which, literally translated, means snails.
  • Not all slopes are steep – of the 35 pistes in the 1,235 acre ski area, 45 per cent are beginner or intermediate level greens and blues.
  • Jean Claude Killy of France won gold at the Alpine Ski World Championships in 1966 on the red Plateau piste.
  • As well as accepting a maximum of 450 guests at a time, Portillo has 450 employees.
  • Rooms don’t have TVs, to encourage socialising and escape from everyday life – but there is free Wi-Fi.
  • Many ski action filmmakers have shot sequences in Portillo; Warren Miller’s 2011 movie Like There’s No Tomorrow includes skier Colby West dropping from a helicopter into the hotel swimming pool.
some of the first st Bernard dogs at Ski Portillo. now they are a staple.
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