Scaling Portillo’s Heights with Sven Brunso

| May 17, 2018 << Back

We pride ourselves at Portillo on serving some of the best terrain in the Andes with lifts. But as with any ski area, there is a limit of what one can access without putting a little human power behind getting a bit higher and further to ski untouched snow.

While they were in Portillo last season, professional skier Sven Brunso and photographer Liam Doran took off past what the lifts could give them to explore the backcountry terrain of Portillo. They set bootpacks for hiking and strapped on skins to the bottom of their skis for some skinning. What they found was some of the best Chilean powder skiing one could ask for.

Sven regaled the experience in a piece for Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal and Liam’s photos accompany it. Check out the full scoop HERE.


Sven Brunso in Portillo by Liam Doran