Top Snow Technology – New Snowmaking System

| August 20, 2019 << Back

During the 2019 season, Portillo installed and began using a new snowmaking system that complements the natural snowfall, ensuring great ski conditions on many of the intermediate slopes.

Thanks to this innovative system, Ski Portillo has been able to maintain its slopes in great condition this season. The 25 snow machines have a high snowmaking capacity with the ability to create up to 16 inches of new snow in a 70-hour time period.

This new system is fully automated, which allows maintenance teams to control and monitor the status of each machine at all times – even from an iphone! The system is a combination of mobile and fixed machines, which allows uniform coverage of the slopes and the ability to move the machinesas needed.

Ski Portillo has five times the snowmaking capacity as last season, guaranteeing optimal slope conditions for its guests. The machines can function day and night as long as the temperatures allow.

While the snowfall this season has been much lower than average, Portillo has been able to complement its natural snowfall with the man-made snow, delivering excellent conditions on the terrain that is opened.

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