Dining Options at Portillo Dining Options at Portillo

Dining Options at Portillo

A delicious culinary experience at any of Portillo's restaurants.

With views of the mythical Lake of the Inca or at the top of the mountain observing the valley: enjoy every moment of the day with exquisite cuisine in the different restaurants at our ski center.

Main Dining Room

The Portillo dining room offers a unique experience. This timeless room appointed with white tablecloths and tooled-leather walls, takes guests on an unforgettable journey during every meal. At the start of the week our Maitre D’, assigns guests to a table and seating time which they enjoy for the entirety of their stay, under the care of our personable red-jacketed servers. Executive Chef Rafael Fiueroa and his culinary team create gourmet cuisine featuring seasonal Chilean produce, seafood from Chile’s long coastline, and locally sourced meats. An extensive wine list complements daily dishes with both Chilean and international specialties.

Portillo Bar

The stone-walled room with leather seats and warm fireplace make the Portillo Bar a charming and cozy space to hang out with friends. It is also a great place for conversations with background piano music, intimate dinners, and after-dinner dancing to the live bands. Guests can enjoy delicious cocktails like the traditional Pisco Sour and a varied menu of appetizers, sandwiches, sushi and fondue in this popular social spot.

Self-service Cafetería

Located on the ground level of the hotel, the cafeteria operates continuously starting at 7:30AM. With self-serve local dishes including fish, meat and vegetarian options, this is a quick and convenient alternative for meals. Inca Lodge guests and day skiers dine in the cafeteria as well as Portillo’s Ski School instructors, making it a casual and social dining spot.

Tío Bob’s

Tio Bob’s is a stone cabin with a large deck overlooking the Inca Lake and 360 degree views of the surrounding Andes Mountains. Tío Bob’s menu includes barbecued meats and fish, as well as a selection of sandwiches, soups and salads and the iconic Tio Bob’s burger and Rogan burger - and of course Chilean wine, beer, and espressos. Guests have been known to spend entire afternoons on Tío Bob’s patio, soaking up the sun and the glorious natural beauty of the setting. On cooler days, the indoor dining room is a cozy spot for lunch or a cocktail by the oversized fireplace. Tío Bob’s may be hired for private parties at night, a wonderful event accessed by a chairlift ride under the stars.

Ski Box

This on-mountain restaurant is located by the Corralito beginner area, at the base of the Las Lomas lift. The Ski Box is a great place to enjoy a midday rest or lunch outside. It is also a vantage point where guests can watch the Thursday ski race while hearing the results. The Ski Box offers drinks, sandwiches, french fries and a selection of wines and beers to enjoy al fresco under the Portillo sun.