Guests who have never traveled to Chile often have questions about what to expect in Portillo. The following are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the altitude of the hotel? What precautions should I take?

Hotel Portillo is located at 9,450 ft. / 2.880 m above sea level and has a dry climate, we suggest you drink plenty of water, eat lightly and moderate your alcohol consumption during the first 24 hours to avoid dehydration and altitude sickness. If you feel symptoms such as a headache or fatigue for more than a day, we recommend you visit the clinic located on the lower level.

what is the portillo road closed policy

The road to Portillo (which is also the International Highway between Santiago and Mendoza, Argentina) is maintained by the ONEMI (the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior), which is responsible for the authorization of opening and closing the road. Portillo Ski Resort is not responsible, nor does it have a say in the decisions taken by this organization.

If the road is closed and guests are not able to get to or leave Portillo, the following policies will apply:

  • The guests that are unable to reach Portillo because of road closure will be responsible for their accommodations and other expenses in Santiago. The nights not used in Portillo will be credited to their account. The guests may transfer their credit to pay other services, such as ski lessons or bar bills; use their credit for a future reservation within the same season; or ask for a reimbursement through their respective agency.
  • Guests that are unable to leave and have to spend another night in Portillo will be charged the full rate for the first night’s accommodation. But, on the second night they will receive a 50% discount off the normal rate of their room.

what is the average snowfall

Portillo receives an average of 201 inches /5.1 mts a year.

Who should I contact in case of a medical emergency?

If a medical emergency should arise outside clinic operating hours, please contact reception who will contact the doctor on duty.

is there a dress code for dinner?

While there is no dress code during breakfast and lunch and you may wear your ski clothes so as to make the most of your ski day. At dinner time our guests tend to wear nice, casual clothing to enjoy a relaxed and elegant ambience. Avoid using shorts, sandals, baseball caps, sweatshirts, short sleeved t-shirts, bathing suits or bathrobes.

What is the tipping policy?

Tipping is optional in Portillo; however, it is customary to leave a tip at the end of the week or at check out. You may tip in Chilean or Argentinean pesos, Brazilian reales or any other type of currency. If you are thinking of tipping the whole team, we suggest something between US$ 120 and US$ 170 per guest per week.

Specific tip suggestions:

  • Bellman: US$ 2 to 5
  • Housekeepers: US$ 3 to 5 per guest per day
  • Checkroom (boots and skis): US$ 5 to 8 per guest per week
  • Childcare and nursery: US$ 5 to 10 per day
  • Bar and dining room extras: 10% of the bill
  • Waiters: US$ 10 to 15 per guest per day

What Après Ski activities are available?

Portillo offers a wide variety of après ski activities. You may use the fitness center and take yoga or stretching classes, go to the swimming pool or Jacuzzi, relax in the bar, play a football game in our full-court gymnasium, take a massage and check out our Entertainment Team program every day.

Where may I smoke?

Chilean law Nº20.660 prohibits smoking in closed places with access to the general public, making it only possible to smoke outside the hotel. Portillo is a smoke free hotel, those who decide to smoke inside the hotel will receive a US$ 350 fine for clean up.

What do I do if I want to watch TV?

We have large screen TVs in our cinema and our discotheque, where our guests may watch cable television at certain hours of the day. Contact our entertainment team for schedules and programs.

Why is the Roca Jack closed on some days even when the weather is good?

The ski slopes located in the upper mountain, such as Roca Jack, Condor, El Caracara or Las Vizcachas are more exposed to avalanche danger. Depending on different factors, our avalanche team may decide to close some slopes during the day. Your safety is always our main concern.

Who should I contact for information, complaints or suggestions?

Our Assistant Manager is located on the first floor of the hotel, next to the reception desk. He can help you and give you the information that you need.

Is Portillo an inclusive hotel?

Portillo is committed to social inclusion; this is why we offer rooms and bathrooms (first floor) specially set up for people with different capacities. Our elevators include Braille and voice systems, to make it easier to move around the hotel. We also have a service directory in Braille system and special typography for people with reduced vision, these may be requested at the reception desk or the housekeeper on each floor.

What is the food like?

Chilean cuisine is known for its international flavors, our menu is full of varieties with options to choose from. Chile is a country of delicious and fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats which we showcase in our meals, which are created with a high standard of hygiene.

What are the meal times?

Breakfast and lunch are at a normal time, however by Chilean tradition dinner is later. The dining room doesn’t open until 8pm and many adult guests start dining at 9:30pm or 10pm. To shorten times between lunch and dinner we serve a tea time snack at 5pm. In addition, there are many activities to keep busy with until dinner time.

What is the electric voltage?

Chile uses 220 Volts so please check if your electronic devices are equipped to transform voltage from 110V to 220V

Can I drink the water?

Yes, you can drink the water at Portillo just like at any other hotel. Our water is extracted from the lake and treated, it is so healthy and delicious it could even be sold bottled.

what happens if the slopes are closed due a storm

Due to the unpredictability of weather, ski slope and lift access may vary throughout the day. Excessive wind, poor visibility, and heavy snowfall may sometimes force us to close some or all of our slopes. Please check our Information Center located in front of the Ski School office.

can my pet stay the night with me in the portillo rooms?

Ski Portillo does not allow guests to have pets stay with them in their rooms or in the hotel.   The only exception possible are guide dogs for the blind or people with special needs. In any case, if you love animals, Portillo has several friendly dogs that will make you feel at home.


VisitorS from most countries do not need to arrange for a tourist visa before arriving in Chile.

All passengers with passports form Australia, Canada, United States and Mexico must pay a reciprocity tax before entering passport control. Payment in cash USD or credit card accepted.  Once the Entry Reciprocity Fee receipt is attached to your passport (this remains valid for the life of your passport), you have to proceed to immigration control. Your immigration slip (different from reciprocity fee receipt) and passport will be stamped. Keep your immigration slip in a safe place as you will need this at all hotel check-ins and on departure from Chile.

  • CANADA US$ 132.
  • MEXICO US$ 95.

For further information, please check with the consulate for your country.

what do our prices include?

Our prices include lodging, 4 meals a day, lift tickets and free access to all of our fitness and entertainment facilities. Airline tickets, ski or snowboard lessons, equipment rental, beverages, nursery, transfers, among other extras, are not included.

how much does the babysitting service cost?

The hourly price for babysitting service varies from year to year. For the most updated information please check this following section of this website: Children in Portillo

how does the kids camp work?

The Kids Camp is a program of ski classes especially designed to introduce 4-6 year-olds to snow and skiing. This program has morning and afternoon schedules, and does not include lunch. Parents are responsible for picking up and dropping off their children at the Ski School’s Kids Camp meeting point.

how old does a child have to be to take ski or snowboard classes?

Children’s ski group lessons are for 7-13 years-old. Those children 3 and older may take private ski classes. Children from ages 10 and up may participate in snowboarding group lessons. Children under 10 years old are welcome to participate in private Snowboarding lessons.

how does the main dinning room work?

Our Main Dining Room functions just like on a cruise ship. Our maitre d’ Juan Beiza assigns guests to a table the first evening, which guests will use throughout their stay. During lunch and dinner there are two seatings: 12:30pm & 1:30pm are the lunch seatings while 8:30pm and 9:45pm are the dinner seatings. If you have a seating preference, please talk to the maitre d’ and he will do his best to accommodate your requests. Families with young children are always given preference for the early seatings. Since dinner is served late in the Chilean custom, we serve “Onces,” or tea and snacks, at 5pm.

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