There is never a lift line in Portillo. We limit the number of day tickets sold and with only 450 resort guests, it’s always smooth sailing on the mountain.



NameTypeLength (m / ft)Drop (m / ft)
CaraCaraVa et Vient550 m / 1804 ft330 m / 1083 ft
Las VizcachasVa et Vient470 m / 1542 ft225 m / 738 ft
JuncalilloSilla Triple1053 m / 4439 ft344 m / 1129 ft
ConejoSilla Doble267 m / 876 ft70 m / 230 ft
La LagunaSilla Cuádruple524 m / 1719 ft134 m / 440 ft
Roca JackVa et Vient650 m / 2133 ft295 m / 968 ft
La PrincesaPoma105 m / 344 ft11 m / 36 ft
PlateauSilla Cuádruple812 m / 2664 ft321 m / 1053 ft
CóndorVa Et Vient345 m / 1132 ft148 m / 486 ft
CumbrePoma310 m / 1017 ft48.5 m / 159 ft
Las LomasSilla Triple601 m / 1972 ft131 m / 430 ft
CorralitoPoma78 m / 256 ft8 m / 26 ft
Los CanariosPoma322 m / 1056 ft74 m / 223 ft

Va Et Vient Slingshot Lifts

The famous Va et Vient (French for ‘come and go’) lifts were built by the Poma company for Portillo’s Roca Jack, Condor, Las Vizcachas and El Cara Cara runs. These runs are steep avalanche chutes, making the use of lift towers illogical. The Va et Vients are pulleys that are anchored to the mountain above which, by way of a specially designed attachment, pull 5 skiers up the mountain side by side at once. The Va et Vient lifts are recommended for expert skiers only and although they may seem intimidating at first are actually quite simple and fun once given a try.

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Lift Use Guidelines

  • All skiers must be aware and obey signs posted around the lift loading and unloading areas and along the towpath.
  • While waiting for your turn in a ski line, skiers must prepare for loading.
  • When approaching a loading area, obey instructions given by a lift operator.
  • Always use the restraining bar on chair lifts.
  • Do not rock the chair. Remain seated with skis pointed forward.
  • Skiers should never jump from chairs.
  • If a chair lift stops, remain calm and wait until it restarts or until you receive instructions from the lift crew or the ski patrol.
  • Do not lift the restraining bar until instructed to do so and then leave the unloading area promptly.
  • Surface Lifts
  • When riding a surface lift, always remain in the designated towpath and never zig-zag.
  • Unload only at designated area unless lift stops and ski patrol instructs you to unload.
  • If you fall from a surface lift, try to clear the path immediately, remove skis and exit towpath.
  • Leave the unloading area promptly.
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