Patagonia Worn Wear Tour visited Portillo

| July 13, 2018 << Back

Patagonia visited Portillo with it’s “Worn Wear” program, part of their sustainable initiatives, a remodelled trailer operates as a repair and sewing workshop, bringing a second life to outdoor garments no matter their brand, for free. The main purpose of this project is to create consumer awareness for the environment, with the concept of shopping less and prolonging the wear life of what you already have.  A team from Modulab, who specialize in eco-design and create products from recycled PVC fabrics used in advertising billboards, was in charge of doing the repairs.

 Over two days of hard work, the team from Worn Wear repaired over 80 garments; mostly jackets and ski pants, giving them a second life. Local skiers and foreign visitors alike visited the trailer with interest and gratitude for the chance to repair some of their favorite clothes. Extending the life of clothing causes less impact on the environment and is one of the leading messages behind Patagonia’s winter tour, which started in Portillo and now continues to other ski areas.

Miguel Purcell, General Manager of Portillo, commented that both hotel guests and employees were pleased with the initiative, which creates a healthy discussion on the culture of waste that we live in and how we can begin to change our habits simply by thinking to repair and reuse before buying.

“We are very happy with the repairs, which presented some technical challenges to our team given that winter clothing is more difficult than summer ones. We are proud of this first stop of the tour in this gorgeous setting in front of the Laguna del Inca and the mountains of Portillo.” Tania Garimani, Marketing Manager for Patagonia.

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