Portillo snow forcast & Portillo ski report Portillo snow forcast & Portillo ski report

Portillo snow forcast & Portillo ski report

Ski Portillo Weather, Snow Forecast & snow Conditions

Portillo receives snow during the North American summer between June and September and is located in the high central Andes of South America at an altitude of 9,450 ft above treeline. Find the snow forecast, Ski Portillo Chile weather, snow conditions & road conditions here in our Portillo ski report.
30 Jun
Minimum -2°C
Maximum 4°C
22 km/h
Portillo Chile weather forecast
Due to the close proximity to the coast, weather in the Andes can change quickly. Find the most current weather and snow forecast for Portillo here and be prepared to ski after the next storm arrives.
01 Jul
Min -9°C
Max -3°C
02 Jul
Min -13°C
Max -3°C
03 Jul
Min -9°C
Max -2°C
Snow report
Snow fall this season: 109 cm
Current Snow depth at the Hotel: 34 cm
Snow depth Plateau run: 46 cm
Snow fallen last 7 days: 13 cm
Snow depth Juncalillo run:

Road Conditions

Cóndor: Closed
Conejo: Open
Cumbre: Open
El Puma: Open
Corralito: Open
Juancalillo: Closed
La Laguna: Open
La Princesa: Open
Las Lomas: Open
Los Canarios: Closed
Plateau: Open
Roca Jack: Closed
Vizcachas: Closed
El Gaucho: Closed

Mountain cams

View the current weather and live stream of our slopes through our Mountain Cams.


See our beautiful lake and the ski school line-up.


Ski-in Ski-out entrance of Hotel Portillo.


A view of the “Plateau” slope, one of the classic slopes for advanced skiers.

Roca Jack