Special Weeks

At Portillo we have everything ready for you to enjoy the best skiing during the whole season. With fun activities for skiers of all ages and interests, we can guarantee you will have fun on and off the slopes.

We invite you to learn more about our Special Weeks and to choose the one that fits your style. We will be waiting for you!


July 10 – 17* / July 17 – 24 / July 24 –  31

Portillo has always been the perfect place for travelers with children. During these 4 special weeks, we go even further to ensure that your children are entertained throughout the day so that you may get the most out of your vacation. We have designed activities exclusively for young children, teenagers and adults, as well as activities where all members of the family can participate and have fun together.

There is something for everyone in Portillo!

*For extra fun, we are adding the best from our Wine weeks to our traditional Family Weeks!


wine-week July 31 – August 07

In celebration of Chile’s world renowned wines, each winter Portillo hosts the top wines of Chile during Wine Week. For no extra cost, guests will have the luxury of trying some of Chile’s wines from the best vineyards. The winemakers will also hold information sessions in which guests may learn more about wine culture and the premium quality wines that Chile produces. Come and enjoy!


friends-week August 7 – 14

Portillo invites their friends, new and old, for a week of fun and bonding, a moment to leave your schedules behind and enjoy life, good people, great skiing, and the beautiful Andes Mountains. This week we organize many special après ski activities so you can let your hair down, dance, drink, meet new friends and create new memories.  Come alone or with your friends and family, we will be waiting for you!


wine-fest August 21 – 28

Based upon the success of Portillo’s original Wine Week, we have decided to provide yet another opportunity for guests to learn more about the wonderful world of wine and of course, enjoy some of the best wine that Chile has to offer. Each afternoon guests will be able to wind down while enjoying and learning about the different Chilean Wines, talk to the winemakers and try different kinds of the top selling wines. At the end of the presentation, there are some games where the person in charge of the vineyard, asks questions about his presentation, and if you answer right, you might win a bottle of wine for dinner! All of this comes at no extra cost to our guests.

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