The Legend of the Laguna del Inca

Across the crystal blue waters of this lake, on full moon nights, one can hear the strange cries that stir the winter calm.  It is perhaps an enchantment that produces those mournful lamentations.

Legend tells that the spirit of the Inca, Illi Yunqui, that haunts the watery tomb in which he buried his soul-mate, the Princess Kora-Illé,  who had tragically fallen from a cliff during a royal mountain banquet (a nascu).  The Inca Yunqui, whose grief shook the mountain, believed that no earthly grave could compare with this lake.  Shrouded in white linen, she was lowered into the blue depths in the presence of the grief-stricken imperial court.  From that moment, the waters were tinted with the emerald shade of the beautiful eyes that the heir of the sun could awaken no more.

This tale of love and mystery is blanketed by the deep shroud of the winter snow and only the sad cries of Illi Yunqui remain to remind us of the story.

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