Portillo has a world class ski and snowboard school with multi-lingual instructors, guides and coaches with vast experience and the majority of our staff has the highest level of certification in their respective country.  Portillo has a policy for instructors, coaches and guides (henceforth referred to as “instructors”) who would like to visit Portillo with their personal clientes.

Instructors wishing to visit Portillo with their personal clients should contact our ski school director, Robin Barnes (, at least one month prior to arrival to state their intentions.   Instructor’s name and guests’ names, dates of stay, and any special requests (hill space, gates, etc.) should be communicated at that time.  Each visiting instructor will be charged a fee of $100/day for the length of their stay while working with Portillo guests.  If the visiting instructor also arranges to contract, and recommends, one of the Portillo instructors to help with the clients for full day lessons, the fee will be waived.  In other words, one full day of visiting instructor fee equals one full day of booking a Portillo instructor.  Portillo instructors who are working with the same clients and the clients have requested the Portillo instructor does not warrant waiving the fee.

The visiting instructor should present him/herself to the ski school director upon arrival and again prior to departure to ensure that the correct fees are charged.  The fee is charged to the instructor and not to the guest and will be charged to the instructor’s room.

The ski school director or other Portillo management reserve the right to refuse any visiting instructor, coach or guide the right to work with Portillo guests.

Robin Barnes

Ski and Snowboard School Director

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