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SkiPortillo.com may require you to provide us with personal information such us your name, e-mail, and address in order to access certain services and/or to purchase services that we offer via skiportillo. We do not require you to provide your credit card number through the website in order to make a reservation for a Portillo Ski Week. However, if you decide to send your credit card information through the website Ski Portillo S.A. will not be held liable if a third party other than Ski Portillo S.A. obtains access to that information. At no time is the user obligated to provide the personal information stated above. If the user does not wish to access the functionality that providing such information permits, the user should not transmit the personal information. Reservations may be made by telephone, fax, regular mail or e-mail.

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For more information please contact Us:

Centro de Ski Portillo

Renato Sánchez 4270, Las Condes. Santiago, Chile

Tel.: (56-2) 22630606

Hotel Portillo: (56-2) 2361 7000

Toll Free USA: 1 800 829 5325

Toll Free Canadá: (800) 514 2579

E-mail: info@skiportillo.com  – reservas@skiportillo.com

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