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Transportation to Ski Portillo

How to get to Portillo Ski resort from Santiago

The drive from Santiago to Portillo follows a scenic route through vineyards, fruit groves, the Rio Aconcagua, and the breathtaking Andes. The two hour trip highlights the beauty of the Chilean central valleys as well as the stunning mountains. Since you won't need a car at Portillo, we recommend you arrange a transfer service from the airport or your hotel.

Transfer Service to Ski Portillo

Portillo Tours and Travel private and group shuttles will transport you to the Portillo ski resort with comfort and ease. Guests may arrange to be picked up at the airport or at a hotel in Santiago.

Transportation is not included in the ski week or mini week prices.

Transportation Prices

Type of Transfer
Group Shuttle (price per person) - Note: available on specific days of the week only
Private Shuttle (1 - 4 persons)*
One-Way: Santiago airport/hotel to Portillo
One-way : Portillo to Santiago airport/hotel
Round -Trip: Santiago airport/hotel - Portillo - Santiago airport/hotel
Santiago airport to Santiago hotel (or vice versa)
Portillo to Valparaíso (or vice versa)
Santiago hotel or airport to Valparaíso (or vice versa)

Terms and Conditions

    *Service offered by Portillo Tours and Travel. For questions about services please call (56-2) 2263 0606 or email

    Prices include ski and boot bags and ordinary luggage. If you are traveling with extra luggage, or any special requests, please contact ptours@skiportillo.comPortillo Tours and Travel also offer a series of Day tours. Find out more