Summer Mountain Getaway

The Andes mountains are a beautiful destination year round, which is why Portillo will keep its doors open during the summer for those in search of peace and quiet as well as adventures in the mountains. Each Summer, the stunning landscape that surrounds the Inca Lake transforms and nature shows us a different side that is equally majestic and beautiful as its winter counterpart.
During summer, our main hotel dining room will be open for service. Near the main international highway, it makes for a great break for those on a journey across the border or for those looking to stay and escape the city, we have several lodging options available.
In addition, this year we will offer rides on our “Laguna” chairlift. This ride allows guests to enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of the lake, the hotel and the surrounding mountains. Also, throughout the summer season we will host cultural and sporting events for our guests. There are activities for everyone, join us!
Our Summer season will take place from October 1, 2019 until May 30, 2020.

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